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what is up with studio 60

Ive heard its not comming back i here it is. Jack wasent in the last 2 episodes so i need something to keep me satisfied until i hear his snarkyness. i need to know!!



He turns 46 today. he looks pretty damn good for his age if you ask me^^
I hate it that we dont have hbo. steven was on real time yesterday and i cant find a NON PODCAST TORRENT. the one i spend like 3 hours downloading was a podcast and i realized thats what pd meant *hits head* anywasy if you could help that would be great. there is a clip on real time with bill maher website under overview or sommin like that and stevens in it. hilarious!! steven looked good too^^ <3


Not only did you ruin a perfectly good show you dont even put jack in the last TWO episodes before you get canceled i mean go on a "vacation" GAH i cant stand the show now and im glad its going to be canceled. Go back rewrite the script that is set to a behind the scences type show to be BEHIND THE SCENES OF A SHOW!! theres a thought. Where the hell did this "lets make couples" idea come from? nobody cares about matt and harriet. about matt and harriets past. its ruining the show and i know that matthew and sarah and EVERYONE on studio 60 could do better that this show. make it a drama.funny does NOT look good on you.

RIP ~ Jack Rudolph

Thats the deleted scene from west coast delay!! WATCH IT NOW

Edit: i was on youtube and i clicked on the play video thing and i saw like the first 3 seconds of it and my mind went into goo. i was like OH MY GOD. So you the title is all i could get out. so GO WATCH IT if you havent already. if you have WATCH IT AGAIN^^



that had to be the worst time of my life seriously. first we went out to dinner at we had reservations for 6 o clock and they were busy so we ate at like 6 45. the food SUCKED. got to the dance. dullsville. then my friends started acting like total bitches so i said screw you and left. and when i told my mom what i said she started going off on how you cant say that to people and blah blah blah blah blah. gah today SUCKED ASS!!!!



Dudes seriously im in despreate need of a jack/jordan fanfic. im dying. no effin jack in the "friday night slaughter" and studio 60 is leaving a week earlier than planned. GAH just cancel it already. So now im watching re runs on itunes and jammin out to jesus christ superstar. YEAH! *starts singing terribly* im going to a sweetheart dance tomorrow and i had to pick out shoes today and i figured out that the cutest shoes hurt the most. and my dress is the most awesomest thing youll ever see. no doubt. ok i need to go back to singing superstar so BYE!!!!


shippy icons

i got bored again so i shipped jack and a random person on studio 60. one with danny, tom, kim, and that deputy( i just like the fact that jack is in handcuffs in that one^^) Go look at my userpics now! or else:0


new steven icons! and my teeth^^

I made some new icons out of boredom. its 11:16 and im listening to phil collins. something is wrong with me. so scurry like the little squirrels you are and look at my icons and tell me how crappy they are. if anybody saw studio 60 on monday youll know that jack is the only thing not cutesy and/or boring in that goddamn show. that whole im crazy about you note was bull crap. and jacks divorced!!! and he wants kids!!! when i watched it i was like ILL BE YOUR KID!!! anyway that show is SO being cancelled. they needed to stick to the behind the scenes stuff because that was the main premise.
Tomorrow i have to go to the orthodonist because my teeth look like shit. they make my head hurt. they have to put spacers in the back of my mouth because my bottom front four teeth's roots (get all that?) are crooked so my whole bottom jaw will be filled with metal. and they need to put the metal thingys in diagnoaly so im going to be one mad person until i can eat again because my teeth hurt too much when i go there:( at least i get out of my geoscience. mr.jacobson is too odd. word.


I GOT A NEW COMPUTER I GOT A NEW COMPUTER AHHHHHHHHHHHh this is awesome!!!!!!! now im not bored^^ Studio 60 has been getting better only on the fact that jack rudolph is getting more story. The Harriet Dinner Part one was great with the whole beginning with tom and the end where he came between tom and kim. him and jordans scene was great with him telling her to shut up and the sarcastic "wow did i think that was going to go on for awhile" and answring jordans question if hes going to support harriet "yeah" ah it was just great

Did anyone catch monk. steven was in it(of coarse) and he was awesome. he said alot of mean things about monks late wife but i kept telling myself hes too cute to hate. he was really hot in the eppisode on account of we only see him in a suit and tie on studio 60. but im not complaning.